Rent your water heater and you won’t need to worry about additional costs. Have peace of mind that you are fully covered for any repairs or for a full replacement.

Did you know you could be eligible to receive discounts on your home insurance for having a rental water heater in your home? Contact your home insurance provider to inquire. By switching over to an eco-friendly water heater, you may be eligible to receive government and/or utility provider rebates! See if you’re eligible:
- Energy Efficiency Alberta

Below are some additional facts to help you weigh out your options when considering a new water heater.

Renting Vs. Buying

Benefits of Renting Consideration of Buying
INSTALLATION free you have to pay
COST competitive monthly rates initial cost of unit: large full payment required
QUALITY WORK guranteed by highly-trained, licensed technicians uncertainty of quality work
PROTECTION parts and labour coverage for repairs are you prepared to pay hundreds of dollars in parts and labour costs when a breakdown happens?
SUPPORT 24/7 ready to take your call not sure
FLEXIBILITY the tank that was once right for you may not be the best choice any longer. We'll happily provide a new/different tank if necessary have to pay full price for a new equipment and installation


Model Retail Rental
Tankless Water Heater $5,500 $39.99
Power Vent Gas 40 Gallon $1,895 $26.28
Power Vent Gas 50 Gallon $1,995 $28.12
Conventional Gas 40 Gallon $1,149 $16.52
Conventional Gas 50 Gallon $1,249 $17.65
Water Softener $2,990 $28.99
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